At ACTIA we believe in the future of connected things. A future where everything is intelligent and connected. We are already today connecting cars, trucks, busses, cranes etc. Let us know if you want more information about our Cross Segment Telematics Platform!


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We are specialized in OEM telematics and diagnostics integration. Our system is a on-board platform that exceeds modern standards and is designed to meet future issues. Some of the features are remote diagnostics, remote software updates, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, location data, and eCall.


With 25 years of experience working with the industry we have some of the best Fleet Management Systems available on the market. We offer full service solutions for logistics, public transportation and other sectors. Our top priorities are safety, connectivity, and environmental sustainability.


It is crucial to have access to as much information as possible in any multi-vehicle operation. We have system solutions that monitors efficiency, diagnostics, maintenance, and battery cycles for a broad range of vehicles to enable our customers to maximize their operations.

cutting edge PROJECTS

Research and Development constitutes the very foundation of our philosophy. We invest 14% of our annual turnover in R&D. We are breaking new grounds in innovation through our projects with our customers and partners. Below are some projects that we are proud of telling more about showing that ACTIA is taking development lead in the telematics line of business

MGMT System
We designed the first Fleet Management System in 1994 that today constitutes one of the most important features of modern transportation operations. It’s a single system solution for multiple issues such as maintenance and diagnostics integrated with feedback systems.
Heero Pilot
We developed the in vehicle system for the Swedish pilot that set the groundwork for the European eCall project. Our system was also used as the foundation for the Italian pilot.
The World's First Ecall System
Actia played a key role in developing the first eCall system through the HeERO project that now is the European Standard. Our technology is also compatible for Russia’s Glonass standard.