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A sneak peek at one of our latest innovations.

We launched connectivity many years ago,
now it’s time to take the next step in accessibility and safety within the automotive industry.

We connect things

Connect, control, communicate, stream and predict –
our connectivity platform act as the telematics- and diagnostics master, creating unlimited possibilities.


Connectivity Platforms


ACU 6 is the latest generation of our connectivity platform. A robust and proven design that is more capable than ever before.

With a scalable and flexible architecture, Linux operating system and an SDK, ACU 6 creates new opportunities for application development in several market areas.

Some of our customers

Customer Segments

Light Vehicles - Asset Management - Heavy Truck & Bus

In the development of our platforms we implement benefits and advantages from all our customer segments,
together with our long experience of technical innovations.

– Creating a market leading cross segment platform.

Part of a global family

As part of ACTIA Group, we have both a global presence as well as a local dedication to our clients.

  • Founded 30 years ago
  • 24 locations in 16 different countries
  • More than 3,700 staff worldwide
  • Market leader in diagnostics and telematics
3700 staff all over the world including 1500 engineers
+ 480 million €
13-15% of annual turnover invested in R&D

A place of opportunities

We connect things, but also people and great talent. At ACTIA Nordic, you are both encouraged and expected to see the bigger picture and to work across different technological fields.