Team CurBit - East Sweden Hack

Postad den 13/09 2016

Team CurBit did win the East Sweden Hack category "Energy and Sustainability" by creating a Hack based on ACTIA Nordic's technology. Please read Tem Curbit's own description of their winning idea.

We wanted to create a platform for ordinary drivers that encourages them to drive more safe and eco-friendly. With the help of Actias platform we could use real-time and historical driving data in order to alert drivers of the consequences of for example speeding.

Using the diagnostics extracted from Actias box users can also compare their driving and their car's "health" to other users driving the same type of car. 

Our platform also includes a gamification element that enables drivers to compare his or her driving skills to friends and families, and once and for all settle the question - "Who is really the best driver?"

Here is a link if you want to check out the prototype:

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Team CurBit

Team CurBit consisting of: Ola Jigin, Tova Linder, Pontus Persson och Daniel Sjövall