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Let's talk tech - Article on ACTIA telematics

ACTIA Group just published an article focusing on ACTIA’s telematics gateways, a joint interview with Renaud HANUS, Chief Technical Officer of the ACTIA Group and Christian SAHLÉN, Managing Director of ACTIA Nordic AB.

Please read the full article in ACTIA Group's Newsroom (link). 


The article:

ACTIA’s telematics offering for commercial and industrial vehicles is based on particularly high-performance telematics gateways. These cross-sectoral, scalable gateways provide high levels of connectivity. They are developed and include an open software ecosystem mainly using automotive-specific Linux. ACTIA’s gateways also address dependability and cybersecurity issues.
Our experts unveil what’s behind ACTIA’s telematics gateways in this joint interview with Renaud HANUS, Chief Technical Officer of the ACTIA Group and Christian SAHLEN, Managing Director of ACTIA Nordic AB.


Christian SAHLEN
“Telematics offers many challenges, advanced and costly to develop and maintain, which makes it difficult for some players to support “small series” customers.
Flexibility and time to market is crucial and each market segment has its own specific requirements.
Based on this we decided to launch a “cross segment” strategy when we developed our next generation Connectivity platform.
At the time we had 18 RFQ’s from a variety of customers e.g. cars, trucks, off highway vehicles, super cars and equipment. We challenged ourselves to fit all these different requirements into one and the same platform which resulted in a product family named ACU6.
The key to success was clearly identified, minimize time and cost for adaptation to customer requirements, maintenance and certification. Reuse as much technology as possible between the different market segments. The result is a fully flexible solution based on the latest technology that offers extremely short time to market at low investment in cost and resource.”

Renaud HANUS
“The ACTIA telematics line specifically designed for commercial and industrial vehicles ranges from simple, ruggedized trackers to the most comprehensive solutions supporting all radio communication media and onboard networks. Our telematics products include powerful and scalable SoCs (Systems on a Chip) offering computing power that is capable of operating with different communication networks with high data rates and of hosting multiple applications (manufacturers, operators, navigation, etc.).”


Christian SAHLEN
“The Premium range targets super cars, premium cars, heavy trucks, buses, off highway vehicles and equipment. To manage all these customer segments with one and the same design our ACU6 platform is available with a dual board solution were all communic...........