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Breaking news - We are growing! 

ACTIA Nordic acquires production facilities in Linköping, Sweden.
+ 22 new colleagues - welcome to the ACTIA team!

On October 1st, ACTIA Nordic acquired a high-end manufacturing Business, conveniently located right across the street of ACTIA’s premises in Linköping, Sweden. The Company, specialized in making electronics, will as of now be called:
ACTIA EMS Sweden AB.   

This will be a fantastic opportunity for ACTIA but also for our customers. We are also very pleased to welcome 22 new employees to the ACTIA family! Bringing ACTIA Nordics total headcount up to well over 200 people.

“We know, as a former customer to this Company, that there is great competence and skill in this Business operation, offering customers not only exceptional quality but also good flexibility. Furthermore, having a manufacturing team at arm’s length from our engineers will most certainly help our development and continued growth.”   

     - Christian Sahlén, CEO at ACTIA Nordic and ACTIA EMS Sweden.