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TGU-R Access is a rugged Telematics gateway unit aimed at customers requiring secure communication across multiple media in a harsh environment. TGU-R Access reduces time-to-market by providing an off-the-shelf solution. The adaptable open-source platform opens the door to improved fleet and asset management as well as reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). TGU-R Access is available in two regional cellular variants. A single ‘worldwide’ variant will be added at the end of 2021.

ACTIA’s knowhow in Telematics combined with its long history in diagnostics, will give any OEM an unprecedented edge to compete and grow market share.

TGU-R Access is suitable for hosting a number of Telematics services such as trace and tracking, fleet management and remote diagnostics. User applications are simple to implement using the onboard software development kit (SDK). This can be done directly by the customer or by ACTIA.

The configurable hardware platform provides a variety of electrical and wireless interfaces such as LTE (4G), WiFi, Bluetooth, CAN, RS232, USB and Ethernet. The optional backup supply supports operation in the event of main supply loss.

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