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Thesis work - Life Cycle Analysis


ACTIA Nordic AB is a leading designer and manufacturer of vehicle communication equipment. Through the years, ACTIA has delivered communication and diagnostics solution to customers such as Volvo Cars, Jaguar Land Rover, SCANIA, and Volvo Trucks.

Climate change is increasingly gaining the attention of governments, companies and the general public.

The automotive industry has long been associated with its negative environmental impact. Therefore, both suppliers and manufacturers are aiming high when approaching sustainability, which refers to “creating value without compromising the needs of future generations”. 

ACTIA Nordic is currently developing a new product, set to launch in 2023, and is looking into performing a Life Cycle Analysis on this specific product. A Life Cycle Analysis, or LCA - is a environmental systems analysis tool, which is a detailed description of a product’s inputs and outputs and the environmental impacts those infer.

Furthermore, we are also aiming to build up know-how in this area and to create some sort of model, where we can perform future LCA’s faster but with the same accuracy.


The thesis project could comprise the following parts:

  • Analyze the current literature regarding LCA.
  • Identify and validate the environmental impact of the pin pointed ACTIA product
  • Establish a suitable LCA model for future Life cycle analysis need

Department: This thesis will span over several departments. 

Time period: Spring 2022

Location: ACTIA Tech-center in Mjärdevi, Linköping. 

Tutor at ACTIA: TBA